Words are powerful

Can’t anymore

I am admitting defeat with this doll. She has been an amazing tool for learning, and while I am sad that she is not going to be finished (at this stage) I just can’t anymore. Right now, I need to go back to square one and start again. I need to plan better, use better materials, have the right tools. She will not be incomplete forever; I am hoping that by trying again I will improve my skills enough that I can come back and finish her.

img_3075 But the artwork is not incomplete, far from it. She is a marvellously creepy little doll and her broken appearance really lends itself to the concepts that I have in my head for this work. She will be on her own plinth painted black to help her shine brighter. She may not have eyes, but she still has this stare that cuts through you and a cheeky little smile that puts you on edge. I do adore her.