Sculpting begins-head part one

So I have begin the rough for sculpting my little doll. I have decided to see how the clay works and let that determind the kind of charatcer that comes out. I am better working with my hands than I am with drawing so this is the medium I prefer to work with.

I began with creating the “core” of the doll out of paper, tin foil and glad wrap. This will mean I use less clay, but also the doll will be hollow for stringing her together later. Here are progress pictures.

After the core was created and I checked them against the templpate to see if I had the sizes I wanted I put a layer of clay over the head peice. I am very much out of practice so this is as much about re-learning how to use the medium (in this case paper clay) and tools. I have managed to get a pixie like face rather than the anime one I had originally wanted, but I am happy. I will be leaving the head to dry and will then sand her back and re-work some of the areas to get them right. But I am happy with how far I have come.


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