Twittering away

So, I cannot say live tweeting is one of my favourite things to do when watching a movie for the first time, especially if that movie happens to require a certain level of concentration in order to appreciate what is happening. It was sort of almost like that annoying friend that won’t shut up during the good bits that means you miss key plot points. But I gave it my best effort and I have had mixed results.

Initially, in the first 2-3 weeks, the number of tweets I made was high and the content was, mostly, well researched or followed the movie well. But as far as engagement with my tweets went it was mostly limited to a few likes and the occasional comment. I also found in the first 2 weeks it was rather hard to follow the live tweets as even when I refreshed, they were not showing up. Indeed, I did not see many of the tweets from class until several hours later which resulted in my engagement happening after class, not during. By the 4th week I had managed to follow a lot of the twitter accounts of those in class and this meant that I was beginning to not just see more tweets, but the level of engagement I received increased.

hal says no

There was a downside to the level of engagement increasing, and this was that my ability to research, watch the movie and make my own tweets slowed down. I found that live-tweeting involved a form of scope triangle. I had 3 options, Quality of the tweet, number of personal tweets, and the level of engagement. If I wanted to engage more with other tweeters, I had to either give up on trying to keep up with the movie/research or give up on the number of personal tweets. If I wanted to do more research/watch the movie I had to choose between engagement or number of tweets. I could never manage to do all 3 at once without risking 1.

I worked to solve this issue by reading the plot of the movie before we watched it giving me the edge to make my tweets better. I tried to stop focusing on how many tweets I was making, and more what I was saying and why. The better the tweet, the more likely people were to comment, and I ended up with a few threads that lasted almost the whole movie. To keep up with the live tweets I would have one window open following the #BCM325 and another open with notifications which meant I could keep up with both without losing my place. This enabled me to respond to other tweets, like and re-tweet more.

Overall, I don’t think I did the greatest job, but I did improve over the weeks. Some ways I hope to combat the issues with research is to write out at least 10 tweets the night before and try and watch the movie once through before the class (if I can’t get a copy, I’ll just read the plot). This way I have the minimum number of tweets ready to go that have been well researched. This will free me up to comment on other tweets and anyone who comments on my own. Fingers crossed I manage to successfully achieve all three of the scope triangles goals.

Week 1: Metropolis

My Tweets:


Week 2: 2001 Space Oddasy

My Tweets:


Week 3: West World

My Tweets:

Tweets with comment thread:


Week 4: Blade Runner

Comment threads/interaction:

Week 5: Ghost in the Shell

My Tweets:


Week 6: Johnny Mnemonic

My Tweets and comment thread:



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