Creating the character

For those following along, this is my “journal” for my art project at UOW (University of Wollongong). In this journal I will be chronically my progress which includes sketches, progress shots of the doll being made, research and inspiration that I come across. It might seem a tad disjointed, but I am treating it the same way I would have, had this been a physical diary. There will be days that I am purely chronically my mental state which relates directly with the project which I am creating. It is all part of the “story” that I am creating around this character. This is also the beginnings of a much larger project that will be created next semester. 

Bellow I have created a “template” sketch of the doll I will be sculpting in 1:1 scale. She is roughly the size of the average 18-month-old. I have gone for an anime style for her since the clothing she will be wearing is mimicking the Yami Kawaii fashion style. I have yet to come up with a name for her. 

Once made I have envisioned that she will sit atop a painted plinth that is covered in scribbled words which direct people to “play with her” in a variety of ways. Each phrase is the brutal ways in which children destroy their toys. Through burning, burying, smashing, throwing, punching, and so on. I will couple this with types of play that is far gentler but depicted in a way that makes the viewers uncomfortable. Undress me, lie with me, kiss me I can’t say no. Each sentence makes people reading it question their own thought processes and their own personal experiences will be projected onto the work. I want people to feel uncomfortable looking at the doll that sits smiling sweetly at them.



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