Compliments & Critiques

Personal Reflection:

Overall I hope that my responses were helpful to each person. I did my best to find links to articles, websites and videos that were relevant to the topics that they had chosen. However, sometimes it was hard to find content within Australia, or information that was current. Similarly, if it was clear that they’d already covered a lot and their research was already extensive I was not sure if I was going to be able to add anything of real value apart from tiny suggestions on focus or how to present their work. I also made a huge error by commenting on the blog of someone I was not assigned to. I am not so much annoyed at the extra work I created for myself, but more the fact that this error almost resulted in me not commenting on the correct persons blog thus, they would have missed out on feedback and that is not fair. I am glad I caught this mistake early and was able to rectify it, but the extra work allowed for me to practice my commenting and I hope that it has resulted in better feedback for the others. I believe that in order to improve on my commenting and engagement with the content of others I need to focus on finding current information, look for scholarly sources rather than just news articles and youtube videos. I also think watching the videos/reading over their content a few extra times might help me to ensure I am covering their topic properly, but also not accidentally making a suggestion about something they have already covered.


Nathan Rathsam Project:

Rathsams project aims to interview multiple people who are currently working in the creative industry. He plans to ask them how much the industry has changed from when they began, but also what they predict might happen in the future with how the industry keeps evolving.

I was unsure as to what creative industry he was focusing on and so suggested that maybe he picked one as this will determine his research, but also help when coming up with questions. This time the links that I found were more up to date, however as I did not fully know the direction he would be choosing I am not sure if the information that I gave will be relevant to what he hopes to achieve. But due to legacy media linking in with many different creative industries I thought the fact that it has been slowly “dying” might be helpful to his research into how the industry is changing.


You have certainly chosen an interesting topic, and one close to my own heart as someone who has chosen to go back to university so as to keep up with the changing world of graphic design. However, I think you might need to consider what you mean by ‘Creative’. Are you focusing on writers/journalists, visual artists, designers, game development or simply the entire industry? I only ask as narrowing down to one particular creative industry would allow for you to really get deep into what is in store for the future as far as technology goes. Every industry is changing, and rapidly, but many are changing for different reasons. With Graphic design, the mediums with which we use to create content have changed dramatically to allow for more online content that can includes iPhone and android phones. Animation has changed now as we no longer use hand drawn images, but instead digitally drawn pictures or 3D animation. I am sure you get the idea. I think talking to a few people already in the industry is a wonderful idea as it will give up to date information to other students looking to find work in these industries and help prepare them a little better as to what is needed of them now. Get them to impart some words of wisdom onto the next generation. Not really knowing which way you will go with this yet I can only offer a few links that might be helpful when creating questions, these are mainly to do with how the journalism industry is changing and how some legacy media outlets are dying slowly.,, . Was trying to find the most recent information out there, unfortunately I had a bit of an issue finding anything from within Australia, so I hope this helps a little.


Eric Bunquin Project:

Bunquin will be covering the monetary value of gaming and how it has grown. He will be covering shareholders, sponsorship, competitions, twitch and other ways in which people have used their gaming skills/love to generate an income and how this is shaping the industry as a whole. He will be showing his research in a series of short video essays.

I suggested that Bunquin choose a single industry to focus on to allow for him to really delve deeply into each element of the gaming world. Since he mentioned e-sports I suggested that maybe he chose this as this could include sponsorship, but also because it could change the types of TV that people begin to view in the same way people view other sports like rugby or soccer. Thus it would be easier to potentially imagine how the future could look in 10,20 or 50 years time. I managed to find a few YouTube videos, one being a documentary on the e-sports community and another on a live recording of a competition in the UK. I was hoping to find more information that is based in Australia, but I didn’t think to filter my searches at the time and so I admit I am not sure how relevant the information I have given him is to his project. I just hope that my comment and videos can help guide him to one particular topic rather than something so broad.


First off, love the idea of looking into the future of gaming. I think this is such a broad topic and there are so many things to cover. However, covering too many topics might mean you don’t get to dive deep enough into anything and might just end up skimming the surface of what is out there (I was guilty of this too). I note that you’re interested in looking at e-sports and the competitive side to gaming as well as live streaming and twitch personalities. I think it might be a good idea to pick one of these topics and not both as, while extremely interesting, they’re really very different. Personally, I would focus more on the competitive side of gaming as that has a lot of potential in the future. I think we might very well see a time where competitive gaming is something people will start wanting to watch as much as they do football, cricket and so on. I see a day where people will have their favourite gaming team’s jersey and posters on the wall. I did a little YouTube search to look at some gaming competitions, I am sure there are a lot more, this is a live recording of the winter games in 2014 and of course you can not go past a good vice documentary: . Honestly looking forward to your video essays, as I am covering the future of gaming myself, I will happily link to your blog for people to follow so that they can read up on another side of gaming. Good luck

Tiana Paoletti and Elizabeth Farley Project:

Paoletti and Farley intend to open up their project to the public and only cover topics that have the highest number of votes. Once the votes are tallied they will research the topic and create a short video essay that covers theoretical predictions as well as existing technologies that are being invented for the future. They have split the Vlogs into 4 posts and will each take it in turns to research or to edit.

As they have not got one particular topic to focus on at this stage I gave them examples of how other YouTube channels have handled similar content creations. I suggested that maybe the open the topics up for people to send questions to them so that they can extend on the research and predictions that they have done themselves. This way they will then have another level of engagement with their audiences. I also made a suggestion for a potential topic to cover with another video since they were asking for help, and it would be interesting to see if they do.


You have managed to explain how you will be implementing your project extremely well and shown how you intend to keep engaged with your audience. I like that you have not limited your self to one topic and that you have opened your selves up to suggestions allowing for even more back and forth banter with your audiences. Do you have a list of topics that you will run with if you fail to get the engagement that week? Maybe consider allowing for audience members to ask questions and have a podcast after each topic that is dedicated to answering some of these questions. Sort of like what Shane and Ryan have on their Buzzfeed unsolved YouTube channel. They run the weekly topic and then have a follow up video answer fans theories and questions. you’re interested in having a look. They don’t look at the future though, it is more how they tackle these topics as a lot of it involved speculation and conspiracy theories and the questions videos, they sometimes discuss fan theories. This would then allow you to research each topic a little further. As for topics, what about considering how our homes will look like in the next 50 years? this channel looks at futuristic homes. Well worth a watch. Good luck

Film and media blog 

Brandon Cotter Project:

Cotter intends to look into the future of technology that is being developed to help the blind. He has done extensive research already into Sonar Vision and technologies that are already being tested now.

I noted that he did not express how he would be showcasing this research and suggested that this would be a great topic to cover in Vlogs as they’re very content heavy and it would make the information a bit more digestible. Cotter had already clearly done a lot of research and I was not sure if I could truly add anything to his project that he had not already found, so I simply made a small suggestion to consider how this might divide the classes further between the people who can afford the technology and those that can’t and what they might look like in the future. I gave two documentaries that followed two people who have taught themselves to use sonar in order to get around. I thought it could potentially be another way in which the blind are supported/taught to get around without sight or the need for implantations.


I knew that there was some form of research into helping the blind see, but I honestly didn’t know how it was going to be done. This sonar vision will certainly re-shape our world and is just the beginnings of cyborgs becoming a thing. You have clearly researched this new technology thoroughly already; however, you have not explained how you will take this information and showcase it. Are you considering a blog? Vlog? Or Podcast? Honestly, with the amount of theoretical information out there, documentaries and so on I think it might be creating video blogs will make this information easier to digest. In searching for information to help support you I found one short interview and a documentary on two people who have actually taught themselves how to use echo location in order to get around without the need for any technologies. Considering poorer communities might not be able to have access to this equipment right away, if ever, it might be good to explore whether or not this will be something that everyone will have access to, or if it will only be something the rich can afford. So will there be alternatives available. , Also, is this technology already being used by the military? Have human trials begun? Or is it still being tested on animals? I am very much looking forward to seeing what you find. Good luck


Susan Alderman Project:

Aldermans has continued with an project where she made sustainable jewellery.  Her main focus will be on where fashion is headed when it comes to materials and the production process being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Also, what could potentially happen should this shift occur. She will be building a new website as well as creating blogs/videos to showcase her own work and research.

I have done a small amount of research myself on how the fashion industry is impacting on the environment in relation to chemical run off and microfibres that enter into the water ways. I made a suggestion that she focus more on how this will impact on humans due to how selfish we are, and that we tend to only care when these things start to harm us and not so much other creatures. I admit the information that I gave in regards to links were old, but it was a hint as to how long we have known about these issues and she would then be able to show how slowly this industry is in making changes.


Well, I know what I will be buying when my next pay goes in! I love those thong earrings! I will be sure to share the link to your Esty as well in order to spread awareness of your work. You’ve clearly done a significant amount of research already and are aware of microfibres that are being washed away into our water systems and the ocean. I would certainly look at not just the environmental impact, but the impact it has on humans as the waste products are being consumed by animals that we eat (mainly fish). In the future are we going to end up with a civilization where most of the population has fertility issues passed down to them from past generations damaged by the pollutants they consumed? Or are our bodies going to adapt so much that these things no longer harm us? What about the impact on animal populations? This article is from 2011 but it highlights a few of the issues that have been raised already in regards to the damaging effects these pollutants have on human health and since we humans can be quite selfish, I think focusing on how it harms us as well might be a good angle. Another great article is here, old, but it shows how long we have known about these issues and can certainly support any argument you make about why we must start taking this seriously, but how much we have changed over the last 7/8 years.


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