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Disclaimer: I apologise about the volume of my voice. Seems something went wrong with the audio when I was rendering the video. You will need headphones. Also, I am aware of the mistake with the subject name. 😦 I will fix it for the next blog. 

For the purpose of my digital artefact I will be exploring the world of gaming, mainly how we interact with these games. I am hoping to explore the potential for medical implantations into our brains that would then allow our own thoughts to control avatars. I also intend to research game modifications and whether or not they will become a thing of the past, or will require better policing by gaming companies. This digital artefact will come in the form of short YouTube videos, podcasts and blogs. Each blog will cover one aspect of the main topic, such as current forms of brain implants, what is currently in development, the 2013 addition of The American Dream where Michael Snyder covers his beliefs in regards to a future with brain implants , as well as looking at what other people have envisioned could be possible in our future, such as the 2009 Movie ‘Gamer’ by Mark Neveldine and Brian Tayler, and finally, the ethical side of allowing gamers to freely edit game content. Where will gaming be in 10 years? Even 50 years? How quickly will this technology develop?

Each video, podcast and blog will use multiple hashtags that will, hopefully, target people who are interested in the ethical side of modding, brain implantations and the gaming future. I want the everyday modder to engage with my work, but if a gaming company was to contact me that would be ideal. I will also be sharing all iterations of my DA on my own twitter and to my own Facebook page so that other students can engage with my work, but also friends and family.

Would really love help with :

  1. The order of presenting the research. E.G. Current/future advances in medical implantation, Modding and the review on the Movie/Movies related to the subject matter. All link together in some way and I am struggling to work out how to order them as, to be honest, any order seems to work depending on how I word things. BUT, it could impact the angle I take.
  2. Anything you believe I should look into, and ways in which I could explore this subject matter further as I intend to continue this research for my next semester.

Reference List:

Vector art obtained from Stylish


12 thoughts on “DA Pitch

  1. very interesting and definitely a topic that looks into the future of gaming. are you solely focusing on the medical aspect for non-tangible gaming via technological brain transplants? I presume you know that there are already non-tangible gaming devices such as Virtual Reality.

    Obviously VR is leagues ahead of the “medical implant” gaming. I suggest for your first podcast you can talk about the comparison of the two weighing out the pros and cons.

    Really excited to know about the whole brain implant gaming technology, will be keen on the podcast/videos or whatever you choose to go with!

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    • Yeah, looking into VR too. But mostly focusing on the ethics of using implants for recreational use and not just medical. I did find tests being done on VR which uses brain waves and there are medical trials being run on chimps and brain implants so hoping to see if trials have started for non-medical use. But main focus is on potential issues which are brought up in the movie Gamer such as the ability to manipulate and control the minds/bodies of others without consent and the issue of who gets to have that control.

      As for audio. I was aware, not sure what happened at this stage. Something went wrong while rendering the animation. Which is very weird. But since it took my computer 3 hours to render the 2 minute video I couldn’t be bothered going back to fix it this time around. I’m going to do audio seperate next time anyway to use as a podcast so hopefully that will mean the sound quality is better. The whole process with this animation was rather frustrating.


      • I have not seen the movie “Gamer” but i understand the point you are trying to make, im pretty sure you’ve already come across this article on how brain implants are coming soon to assist in brain related illnesses. https://www.pcgamer.com/au/chip-implants-for-our-brains-are-definitely-coming/. Just putting the article out here as it can also be a great sub topic or research you can include into your project!

        Also if u are planning on spending some money on a mic, i recommend you just use your phones microphone, most smartphones have a voice recording app already installed. Also monitor your db levels they should be just below peaking level, but that varies from software to hardware.

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  2. This is absolutely fascinating, and something I have very little prior knowledge of, so I am looking forward to seeing develop over the next semester. Without a doubt, you have addressed the focus theme of “The Future” with this artefact and have clearly thought about the future in a number of ways. The element I find most interesting is the ethical consideration of these emergent technologies. As someone who is not a gamer, this is potentially the part that interests me the most, as this idea of having ‘chip’ implanted is something that I have grappled with for a while now, as it’s not even remotely something of the future but instead something that people are doing right now. This article here particularly opened my eyes to this phenomenon, happening right in our own backyard here in Australia:

    Another great thing you’ve mentioned is how you’ll be testing your iterations for feedback. One other suggestion beyond what you have mentioned might be posting this content to gaming related threads on reddit – because there you’ll really be receiving feedback from a specific niche audience rather than just the generic classmates from BCM325.
    One other thing I thought of was how are you going to collate all this material? It’s great that you’ll be working across multiple media platforms, with YouTube, podcasts and blogs, but will you build one central website to house all the content together in one place? Or just have a separate category section on you blog for it? If you go with the website idea I’d be inclined to post to Twitter or reddit with some name suggestions for the site, I’ve done this in the past with some of my artefacts and I’ve had some surprisingly positive results!

    P.S the graphic for your pitch is so cute!

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    • Oh thanks for the link I’ll have a look! At this stage the idea was going to be just post to my blog. I would imbed the video/podcast with the transcript under that as the blog. That was the intention anyway. Never considered making a website, though it is something I’d like to do. Any tips on where to go would be appreciated thanks!

      I am very much focusing on the ethical side of this as it seems to be a running theme in movies about gaming. Even some TV shows I’ve watched. When you consider how easy it is to hack games now and/or steal someone’s content on a game it worries me that these same people would have access to our brains!


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  4. Hey,

    I love that you’ve put so much effort into animating your pitch haha.

    You’ve chosen a really uniquely interesting subject matter. I’m just wondering if doing all videos, blogs and podcasts may be too much work on your end and that you may be spreading yourself too thin, maybe consider focusing on one content outlet instead of three.

    You maybe should also consider looking at costs, timelines (as in how long off is this technology from becoming mainstream) and whether this would be a viable alternative to current gaming in the future.

    Looking forward to your project, can’t wait to see how it works out!

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    • Thank you 🙂 yes. I have been trying to figure out which type of outlet to use. I know if I opt for animation again it’s going to take a lot of time (2 minutes took a whole day and it was a very simple one at that). I have a feeling I’m going to end up just blogging as it’s my favourite thing to do.

      I believe trials are already underway for restoring the ability to walk in monkeys and I may have found an article the other day about human trials (have yet to read it). There are also trials for VR that uses brain waves 🙂 so I honestly don’t think it will be too long before we start seeing this technology being used. At least medically. See what I uncover


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