Corpse Party lets Play: the begining

Ok, so as promised in my video I will write this mini blog with a bit more information about ‘Corpse Party’. My intention is to do a few let’s play videos for this game, with the goal to finish the game. But we will see how we go.

As stated in my video, the game itself has a pretty massive intro that requires a lot of reading. This did mean that my first video is pretty much all intro into the game as it took close to 20 minutes just to do what I did. I have yet to find anyone that has transcribed the whole game. I am sorry for skipping through the text so fast. I will keep digging to see if I find one. OR, if time permits, maybe just write one up myself.

So, Corpse party was first released in 1996 by developers Team GrisGris, and was an original creation of Makoto Kedōin. The game is considered to be an adventure, Dōjin soft and survival horror game which requires its players to take on the roles of the different characters. The end goal is to survive and escape Heavenly Host Elementary school. With five different chapters, one “true ending” and several “wrong endings” the results depend on the decisions players make while playing the game. There is also the option of unlocking ten extra chapters as you progress through the game. If a character takes too many hit points or dies. Then that can lead a player to get the “wrong” ending.

Several remakes and sequels to the game have since been released. In 2008 Corpse Party Blood Covered: Repeated fear was released with improved graphics, new voice overs, more characters and even larger maps. Though I have to say, I adore the pixel art used in the original game. There is also, Book of shadows (2010), Hysteric Birthday 2U (2011), Blood Drive (2012) and dead patient (2013) were release as a follow on from the original game.

Corpse Party, the original, can only be played on the PC, however, Book of shadows, Hysteric Birthday, Blood Drive and Dead Patient is played on the PlayStation portable.

The game has also been made into a short anime series, which was how I stumbled across the game in the first place. The series I saw was 2013, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls, directed by Akira Iwanaga and produced by Asread. I have also come across a live action movie of the anime since. There are 3 other anime mini movies/series that have also been made from the original game as well as six Manga series.

When you consider how “adorable” the animation seems (at least at the beginning) it is hard to believe that anyone could be scared by this game. But, honestly, I have found that the animation style really, truly, manages to capture the pure psychotic nature of the enemies that attack you in the game. Not to mention the fact that in this game, these are young teens/children being brutally torn apart and mutilated which is incredibly hard to watch.

While I have yet to finish the game. I certainly intend to finish it and give it a full review. But please stick with me, be patient, and hopefully enjoy my little mini let’s play series.

Side note: please excuse the lack of quality of the recordings. I’m only using the web cam and mic on my laptop. Hopefully I can improve this some day.


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