Play testing ‘Will You Survive the night’

Play testing results. (What I learned through play testing)

  • The first two play tests were done without me around. This was quite deliberate as I did not want to influence what was happening so that feedback was very honest. When it came to feedback, the same problem kept coming up which was that the rules were very complex and lengthy. It was suggested that I keep the rules as they were, but find a way to simplify them to remove the length of time that people spent reading them.
  • Another issue was that players were not sure where they began, who got to start the game and what direction the game was played in. People were also unsure as to how they were meant to keep track of their hearts and bladder points, or what they used to play with (game pieces). It was suggested that I write out clearer instructions for each element of the game.
  • I then did a quick play test with Chris (teacher) to see if there were any other issues that the initial play testers may not have picked up on. This play test highlighted the fact that I had not specified which card meant what clearly. Meaning people would pick up a king of hearts thinking that they were paralyzed with fear, but also gained hearts because it was a hearts card. This made play very confusing and people were doubling up on damage which then lead to them dying faster. I also realized that when a player became paralyzed and were made to pick up more cards, they were then losing hearts and bladder points too fast, leaving them stuck over and over again.

Ways I fixed these issues:

  • I re-wrote out the rules, simplifying them as much as I could. I also broke the rules up into sections to make them easier, and faster, to read.
  • I increased the number of hearts and bladder points for each player.
  • Added a location where everyone begins.
  • I formulated a way for players to work out who started, and the direction they needed to play in.
  • I wrote suggestions on ways that people could count out their hearts and bladder points. Also, what they could use as a game piece.
  • I removed the use of cards to create their house and explained how people were to draw their own home, and what they needed to have.
  • I changed the meanings of some of the cards to make it easier to work out what happened when you drew this card. I was also more specific with the symbols and type of card related to the action so that there was no double ups i.e.: clubs numbered, queen of hearts.
  • Added a card that could “save” you from paralysis.
  • Reduced the number of rounds players got paralyzed.
  • I also wrote in suggestions on how people could time the game using either the suggested sound piece that I created for the game or their own chosen songs.


From this:

GAME: You are trying to survive the clock. Who will make it to the end of the night in one piece? Who will have lost their mind? Who will disappear forever? The player who has the most hearts by the end of the night wins, the rest, well, let’s hope they had enough to escape! (You must work out which player was never actually there to begin with?)

(2-4 players. I Hour playing time)

RULES: You have one hour to survive the house of horrors (can be reduced to 30 minutes if less players or any amount of time you would like if it does not exceed an hour). Each player must draw a card each time they move from room to room, with the acceptation of those who have gone to the toilet.  You will need 2 packs of playing cards (one to create your house and one to use in the game), 2 dice and a piece of paper and pencil each. IF the players wish, they can use both decks of cards for the game and draw their own house. If they choose to draw their house they will need to ensure that they have 3 bedrooms, one bathroom (separate to the toilet) garage, kitchen, dining room, hallway, basement and attic. They can draw in the toilet as well. The players will need to draw their hearts and bladder points onto the piece of paper. Draw these however, you wish, crossing them out or adding them depending on if they have lost or gained a point. If a player has purchased the full pack, then these are provided as chips, as well as a few house layouts to choose from. This game is interactive, you can get into character if you wish. OR make up your own scare stories. However, you choose to play the game, enjoy. Dice (there are two) – After picking up a card, the player rolls the dice to determine which story they get to read out of the book. (if they player has the pack, then there is no need for the dice). You do not have to use dice, if you want you can make up your own jump scares and really get creative.

To this:

Game rules

You will need: At least one deck of cards (can have two if you wish), a piece of paper and pencil for each player in order to draw your house, something you can use to keep track of hearts and bladder points (you can use matches, toothpicks, checker pieces, even lollies. Whatever you have on hand. You will need at least 45 for each person) alternatively, you can choose to keep track on paper. You will also need something for a game piece (chess piece, checker, key).

House: Each player needs to draw themselves a house. You can be as creative or as simple as you like. Each house needs 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (separate from the toilet), toilet, 1 lounge room, 1 kitchen, hallway, and the dining room.

Gameplay: This game can be played by 2-8 people. All players begin in the lounge room, with the oldest person in the group going first. Moving in an anticlockwise direction, players must move to a different room and draw one card each turn. (and so on).

Full game will be available for sale soon. 🙂



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