Soundtrack for Game

The sound piece above was created using only the recordings from a Drone instrument that was made during my CAVA101-102 Image and Narrative class. A task which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. (link to a shorter sound piece with a similar concept)

This drone instrument was made using wire and the sounds made when people ran their fingers up and down the wires. These recordings were then put into Audacity and manipulated into a 30 minute soundtrack for players to use when playing my game “will you Survive the night“.

By creating a soundtrack for the game I have, essentially, created a “real time” game, as the soundtrack determines, not just the amount of time you have to play the actual game, but how long you have for each turn (Kotaku UK, 2014). It generates it’s own sense of urgency and unease because players only have this time to “get out” of the haunted house (in the case of my own game). With this soundtrack, I am generating that creepy ambience within a board game that would otherwise have no music. Similar games like Zombie 15 and Captain Sonar are also use sound tracks/are real time.

The use of music, ambient drone noises and other sound recordings has always been an important part in the production of films, TV shows, and now games for some time. Sound designers and Foley artists work together to create noises that supports the tensions, or feelings that are being portrayed on the screens in front of us. The use of certain sounds or music can completely change the atmosphere of what you are seeing/playing. If you want to create tension, you can use a Waterphone to generate particularly creepy music that builds a sense of impending doom. Alternatively, if you want the audience to feel at ease, you might use the sounds of singing birds, and other cheerful noises like puppies and kittens.

Essentially, I am hoping to create the same discomfort a person might get while watching one of their favourite scary movies, but with a board game.

Below is the link to the original recording of the drone instrument.


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