The Huntsman-Week 2

Tom Phillips the huntsman was the inspirations for this week’s task. Some students were offered the opportunity to physically work on something rather than work with the iPads.  Using the free books some of us had collected all over the campus everyone chose to paint, fold, cut, tear and glue this book in order to turn it into another work of art.

This was certainly an interesting project as you are turning a literary piece of work and manipulating it in a way to create something new. I found it to be rather therapeutic as well, as I painted my book black, selecting words and sentences at random to leave unpainted.  Phillips own works became randomised poems, or simply amazingly details drawings which, I personally believe, enhanced the beauty of the text he was paying tribute to.

I decided to give this piece another try while I was sitting watching a movie. Again, the process of folding each page became hypnotic, peaceful. The work that I created made me appreciate the book even more. The text I had read as a young teen that turned into something even better than the masterpiece I had read. Even more surprising was the fact that I felt so relaxed after creating this work that I had to lie down for a little while and sleep. I loved, also, that the book could be manipulated in so many different ways. I think one of the best versions made doing this project was when another student tore the pages out of the book and turned them into sculpture.

Like with the works of Kaprow, you built up a relationship with the object you were working with. It was not simply painting a book, or folding it’s pages. You poured something of your self into the book and made it your own.


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