Push ‘n’ Pull week 1

In the first week of class, we were tasked with an activity that would mimic the work of Allan Kaprow. The idea was to utilise any object within the classroom and create our own iteration of Kaprows work, Push and Pull. At first the class, unsure of themselves, only used the objects closest to them and simply randomly placed them in the space without much enthusiasm. The outcome was quite dull and clearly expressed our trepidation towards what we were being asked to do. However, once we were told that there was a store room full of items we could use, there was a spark and the next iteration was far more exciting than the initial work. Repeating the task two more times, the excitement in the class increased and people began to work together forming small works within the work.

The mission we were assigned with brought the class together and helped us to get to know one another as a group. Much like with Kaprows works, people come into the space, in small groups, couples or alone and can end up working as one to create different instalments together. It isn’t simply about putting a bunch of random items into the space, it is about how you related to other people and how you then relate to those objects to generate a masterpiece of your own.

At home, while tidying up one the room of one of my children I wondered if I could create my own push and pull as I packed away the toys strewn all over the floor. Much like with the class activity, I wasn’t very keen and started off simply lumping all the items into one large pile. However, inspired, the second try I removed some of the items and created a little scene. Then, removing more items, I built up a tower of toys trying to see if I could balance all the odd shaped items. Just like in class, while I was
alone, I found myself trying to work out the relationships between the objects to create my own piece of work. I also got to make tidying up a room much more fun than it probably would have been.


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