Looking back over my project I realised quite a few things about myself, about the realities of tapping into controversial hashtags and also the attitudes some people have towards a movement that is very close to home for me.

At the beginning, this project was just going to be about writing short stories and reviewing the stories of others. But when I realised that one of the stories I wanted to write touched on a very controversial topic that is currently in the headlines (at least in the headlines on my facebook and Twitter newsfeeds) I decided to see if it was possible to capitalise on the current trending tags to see if I could boost my own page. The story was a very personal one, and I wanted to share it with others to help them understand the feelings, events and difficulties faced by someone who might be placed in such a situation. So this digital journey became a very personal one for me. It was not all about self-promotion.

I admit that when I began using these tags I was quite worried that I might be throwing myself into the fire. I have heard the many stories of people who have been trolled so badly they’ve had to shut down accounts or up the personal security in their own homes. However, I was determined to give it a  try. The results, well, I didn’t get a single troll, in fact, I got very little interaction what so ever with people on twitter. Most I got was a few re-tweets and likes. Maybe it was because I don’t have a massive following yet, maybe it is because it is too soon to tell whether or not the tweets have had enough exposure time. Whatever the reason, so far my experience with these tags has been rather mundane.

As far as how I went with promoting my page, stories, and personal blog. Again, it seemed to fall short of what I was hoping for. I gained about 30 likes on my personal page, all friends, and some family, but there were no new organic likes. I did have one dislike after the termination story was posted. I was a little miffed, but at the same time intrigued to see that I had irritated someone with my story that they chose to leave. Made me a TINY bit smug.

Finally, I randomly decided to do a little survey asking about whether or not people followed any feminist movements. However, as I forgot to ask permission to use comments on my blog I opted out of using most of the data out of respect for those that did the surveys in case they were not longer comfortable with me using them. I also realized that some of the questions I asked were rather irrelevant to what I ended up doing and was more out of curiosity than anything else. (made sure to apologize on my personal blog). But reading through the comments people were making about Feminism. The majority of the 24 surveyed didn’t just choose not to follow feminist groups, some still believed that we hate men, we are aggressive, and we are not supportive of the global issues that are faced by women. It was eye opening. It also has given me a little more direction for my own personal blogs in the hope to guide and educate the lovely ladies who filled these surveys out in the hopes to prove to them that we are not all man haters, and the groups that I follow, and in fact my own personal beliefs about being a feminist, is all about inclusion of all issues faced by men and women around the world.

Overall, despite the disappointing performance trying to capitalize on trending tweets, twitter, and facebook promotions, I have learned a lot about my own personal beliefs compared to others and I am even more determined to keep going in the direction I am when it comes to the topics that I will be choosing to post about and write about on my own blog.


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