Reviewing the way I write and engage

Original Feedback for my blog:

“Your site is coming together beautifully. I especially enjoyed finding that you have linked to another blog that houses your writing. Don’t forget to embed links to other sites and to use tags.

Your writing is accurate and I can see that you are holding yourself to a solid standard. If at all possible, give your work one more read with fresh eyes before publishing. Look for structure, logical flow and trimming down the language. This is an excellent start.”

My aims:

For the second part of the assignment the aim was to try and have someone look over my work once before posting, add more hashtags to my work, link to other blogs (my own and other bloggers, as well as to link all my working social media pages together so that everything was streamlined.

For hashtags, I will ensure that I look up any trending hashtags that I might be able to link appropriately into my blogs (where possible). But ensure that all blogs have multiple tags that relate back to the works.

Linking in with works of other students so that there is an ongoing dialog between myself and other students. Commenting on their work when I can to give them constructive feedback, and engaging with what they have written. But to also utilise their works within my own in order to encourage them to read and engage with my work.

I need to find one or more people able to spare the time to read over my work before it goes live, or find an alternative way to check my work when this is not possible. This will ensure that my work looks far more professional.

Finally, streamlining my page more and more. Fixing up the head if possible so that it does not look so untidy. Linking all the relevant pages and blogs together and promoting myself as much as I can.

My results so far:

The easiest part of this project was to ensure that all my working social media platforms were streamlined/synced together. This meant that when I posted a blog on my WordPress website, the blog would be automatically tweeted, sent to my Tumblr page or posted on my Pink Protagonist Facebook page. This means that I waste less time copying links to these pages, don’t miss a single blog, and get to automatically engage with the separate audiences that might not follow WordPress blogs regularly.

This has resulted in a steady increase in views since 15th of August which was around the time I linked my Facebook page, The Pink Protagonist, with my blog pages. In fact, the week of September the number of visitors the week of September 19th reached close to 60. I have also been promoting my second WordPress page a bit more utilising a few popular hashtags such as #followme, #RT and #retweetme in order to increase visitors.

Unfortunately, at this stage, I have not seen an increase in commenters that are not linked to my university degree, but I hope as I begin to write more content for my new page this will change.

I have also begun to use hashtags on the blogs other than the #BCM240, I have added in other tags that might be relevant to what I have blogged about i.e. #remix for the blog where I discuss remix culture. I have yet to see if this has had any real effect on the number of people viewing my page but there have certainly been no negative results (touch wood) as yet.

Linking to other people’s blog, mainly other student’s blogs, has led to an increase in views from other students. It has also meant that other students have followed me OR used my blogs within their own works. I have also attempted to engage with other blogs by commenting on their work when I can. This has led to some lovely conversations/debates over time. I have even had another blogger ask for review their own short story on my alternate page. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I have yet to do this, but it will be the next step I take in order to increase the flow of traffic to my own blogs.

I have ensured that I hyperlink anything that I refer to within my blog, used the names of the authors of YouTube videos and blogs. Again, I have not noticed any significant increase in blog views (at least not yet).

Finally, something which I know I still need to work on is being aware of typos, grammatical and spelling errors within each blog. I will not always have the opportunity to have another person go through my work before I post it and so to ensure that I post something with the smallest number of errors I have chosen to write every blog post in Microsoft Word first. If I have time, I go through the work a few times to check for typo’s as not all errors are picked up initially when typing. I also attempt to walk away from my work and come back to read over again, reading it out load to see if the writing flows well.

Another bonus of writing in Microsoft Word is that if I am stuck for a word/phrase I can highlight the word and look for another synonym that I could use to replace it if I feel I have used the same word too many times. It is a pet hate seeing a piece of writing that used the same words over and over again and it is something I avoid if I can.

I am well aware that I have major issues with writing, I always have, I am dyslexic. So when I can I have had another person go through my work accurately before it goes live. This has worked very well when I have managed to get the help, though it is a tad clunky if I have to wait for them to send back the edited work and works much better if they’re sitting next to me pointing out the mistakes.


Overall I have noticed an increase in traffic flow since syncing all my social media pages together. It has allowed me to gain access to multiple different audiences across different platforms without adding too much extra work/effort to the blogging process.

Utilising popular hashtags has not really increase the flow of viewers, yet, however I have not been doing this long enough to see any significant changes. However, linking with other subtends blogs has seen a few people commenting on my work allowing me to engage with their works as well.

I am also noticing that through the use of Microsoft word, the number of spelling errors has decreased, same with grammatical errors. However, using another person’s eyes has seen this drop even further and the quality of my work, I hope, showcases this.


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