Disengaged yet “connected”

I am a selfie taker, Instagram poster, Facebook stalker. I am constantly teased by my family who do not understand the online world for how much I post. My sister is always warning me that “I post too much on Facebook” and my brother makes humorous swipes about “make sure you make a status about that”.


Nations, D, What is social media? Explaining the big Trend, <http://webtrends.about.com/od/web20/a/socail-media.htm&gt;

In Charlene deGuzman ‘I Forgot my Phone’, deGuzman documents her life with her boyfriend, family and friends. From the moment she is awake in the morning, her morning run, to lunch out with friends, there is someone attached to their mobile. This short film shows the reality of a world constantly “connected” digitally with others.  It is a stark reminder of how we have disengaged physically from what is going on around us, while we are still connected in some form of social activity.

Claire’s blog ‘Lost in (Mobile) space’ points out that “We’ve reached a point in society where it’s borderline abnormal to not pull your phone out on a regular basis” and I could not agree more. Like her, I despise awkward silences. I find it hard to sit in a car with someone on a long trip and NOT talk and find myself forcing conversations with them, even when it is clear that maybe they just want to mentally veg out.

I admit having learnt the art of holding a conversation with someone in person while I chat to someone else through messenger. I am a media multi-taker but this doesn’t make me proud. I have lost the art of giving my full attention to the person that I am physically with. In my blog, ‘My Addiction’ it is clear that I am not the only one. Sitting around a table I am always drawn to my phone, I want to see what is happening with other people despite being at a table with friends/family I have probably not seen in a very long time, and this actually scares me.





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