A Journey

Assignment 3 from Nyssa on Vimeo.

A journey, we all have them. Whether they are the physical journey of going from one place to another, the one you have while growing up from child to adult, or the one you have transitioning from school to work, or even just the mental journey. They make up our lives. This video explores the journey from day to night, then early morning to day. From the trees and bush back to the sanctuary of your own home. It is one of the minds, exploring the various details of what surrounds you when you transition from one area to another. The music is jarring, and surrounds you. The sounds almost hurting your ears then you’re released by the sweet sounds of the birds, almost like the softness of the trees to the angles of the buildings and poles.

Soundpiece by: Charna 2016, viewed 13th May 2016, https://soundcloud.com/user-337784811-63817201/meda101-suburban-night


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