No longer just a phone

infographicThese days we rely heavily on our mobiles for everything from telling us what we have on that day, to helping us just get from a to b. These little mobiles devices can connect into our home computers, our work, even our fridges and watches. It seems that anything is possible thanks to the evolution of technology. However the downside of our new found reliance on our phones, as I have experienced personally, is that when we do not have access to these technological swiss army knives we are lost as we have forgotten what it is like to live without completely and constant access to the internet. When I had to get my phone fixed, even though it was only a few hours, I did not know what to do with myself. I didn’t have a watch on me so had to keep asking people what the time was, I couldn’t contact my friends to make sure we could meet up, I was even a little bored as I couldn’t constantly connect to my facebook account. It was certainly strange and an experience I hope not to have to repeat often.


6 thoughts on “No longer just a phone

  1. Really well done on your infographic, it was really informative and also looks really nice! The development in the Internet and with our phones is actually crazy and the Internet of Things is proving that it’s getting more crazy and advanced. You raise a really good point about how reliant we are becoming with our phones and being constantly connected – I know that I feel actually naked if I don’t have my phone with me (or have run out of data which is me currently and I’m battling). Well done on a really good post!


  2. Great read! I can completely relate to the idea that when its working technology is great but when it decides to stop or be faulty it can be a nightmare and it all seems to go wrong when we need it. I’m hoping this isn’t the case for the internet of things though!
    Your infographic was really well presented and clearly constructed that allows reading ease! The idea that the phone has transformed into so many various devices like a digital camera, a watch the list goes on! The introduction of the app services has allowed peoples mind to wonder with innovation. Apps that connect wirelessly to devices sees the introduction of the internet of things already for example drones, that have a separate app and wireless setting to remotely fly around. This article allows a look at the real potential of the IoT as a communication revolution, and I particularly like the quote from it detailing “It requires linking physical product and software experiences – designing for convergence “


  3. I really like your comparison of the mobile phone to a swiss army knife I can totally relate without my phone I can sometimes feel useless and a little lost. I find myself reaching for my phone instinctively even if I know that is flat or I don’t even have it on me. When I read your post my first thought went to this video, it is a little more about the social aspects rather then the practicality but I still couldn’t help not looking at it again.


  4. Good work with the infographic. I have rarely seen these implemented correctly but you have done it in a decent way. There are a few minor grammar/punctuation mistakes, however overall you have done a good job.


  5. Ibzonation, are you sure u managed to see that ? as yours is rather incorrect in English too..
    As we are fully into the Technology Era or called by some Information Era, it’s necessity in our lives will only increase more and more as simple way to observe that is to look at the youngest generations the one between 2 to 9 years old, they are already as good as us with these gadgets. It’s convenience and utility will prove itself to the consumers as the technology will continue to push known boundaries.
    We all, as you, feel lost when without our mobile phones, the future is not how to live without them but how to live without having technology leaving our side for even a minute.


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