Hashtags creating positive from negative

Hashtag Revolution

When the hashtag started gaining popularity I was completely confused by it. I did not understand this phenomenon where people were constantly hashtagging words or short statements. In fact it downright irritated me and I had no idea why people were filling their status updates with these annoying #hashtags. Now days it has finally sunk in that this is in fact a very simple way of linking people to a similar interests in various topics and causes.

In the wake of the Lindt cafe siege many people were left reiling, shocked that something like this could occur in our own backyard. It also brought out a large number of people who were either speaking out against muslims and an even larger amount of people speaking up for them. #Iwillridewithyou was created to show support for the Muslim community to show that the vast majority of Australians were not fearful of those of Muslim faith. It started when Rachael Jacobs noticed a woman removing her hijab in tears and after going after her to inform the lady to put the hijab back on because she was happy to sit with her decided to start the movement to allow other Australians to show their support towards the entire Muslim community. Hashtags have become a powerful way for people to band together in support or opposition of a single cause. IT is a simple and easy method and requires very little effort. Also using hashtags is a simple form of self-marketing. Companies, or in the case of my own personal facebook page Admit2it, can create a hashtag for their site as a way to get their companies to trend, and get people talking about them (hopefully in a positive way).


6 thoughts on “Hashtags creating positive from negative

  1. This was such a brilliant hash tag. When it happened it made an impact all over the world. This BBC report just shows the global impact of something so simple that was started by one person who wanted to do something good for a stranger. http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-30479306

    This was a great idea to talk about such a positive example. My only suggestion would be to have an accompanying info graphic or something that showed for examples. Well done.


  2. Great post and excellent example! I do wish you had talked more about why hashtaging holds so much power as this is key in explaining the effectiveness of them but overall the concept was well applied through a relevant example!


  3. Nice post Nyssa, I can relate to hashtags and their somewhat overdone purpose nowadays. Hashtags can be great ways to condense messages and feelings, especially on Twitter where it came into prominence, but now everyone and anyone can start a hashtag “campaign”, so much so i barely look at them the way I once did. However, in the case of the ArabSpring and other conflicts, hashtags serve as a way for all of us to be connected and display awareness of those conflicts. It will be interesting to see where they go in years to come.


    • It’s certainly a cheap way to get people trending in an idea. I’ve seen them used by celebrities for things like #catpicturefriday and stuff like that which is more about fun than actually gaining awareness of a cause.


  4. Great points made here, especially the #IllRideWithYou hashtag. An interesting thing to note, is that the hashtag was also hijacked and changed by opposing groups. Just shows the power of hashtags really. Good work.


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