Open or Closed? Which will work best?

For the project my group and I are working on we have decided to capitalised on the benefits of both the open platform of Reddit, and the more closed platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. Open platforms allow for user moderation. People who use the program, media platform or product are given full access to in order to “tinker” with it and create a completely personalised product/service that caters to all their own needs and wants rather than what they “might” want or “might” need.

Those that use Reddit are their own moderators and programmers, they can choose to follow whatever subreddits and categories they choose and are not marketed too based on their likes and dislike while using the page. The page also allows for complete anonymity.

Alternatively you have the closed platforms and products that are streamlined allowing for minor changes by it’s users. While you can still personalise your facebook, YouTube,twitter or Tumblr pages you are still being monitored and moderated by those that own the sites. All content that you place on the page has to adhere to the terms and conditions in order to be allowed to be posted to the page. Breaching these can result in your account being suspended or terminated permanently. You are also monitored to see what pages you follow, things you like, and what you talk about on your page. This information is gathers in oder to cater what advertising you see on your timelines.

So for the project my group has been doing we have opted to have a Reddit subreddit page, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr account so that we have access to not just a wider range of users, but in order to capitalise on the benefits of Reddits open platforms which means those that follow us actually chose to view/follow our page and there for are (hopefully) more likely to want to participate in the activities, but also allowing for complete anonymity so that they feel free to post their darkest secrets. But to also capitalise on the fact that Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr will market our page to a wide range of users that follow pages that are similar.


6 thoughts on “Open or Closed? Which will work best?

  1. I think it’s a really great idea to use a range of platforms for your project as it means you can benefit from the advantages of each. From my understanding though, reddit isn’t completely open. There are limitations, some of which are evident in their user agreement:
    However, it is a great platform as you are able to exercise a great deal more freedom than other platforms.


  2. Great incorporation of your digital artefact for this topic. Using a range of platforms definitely does get it more spread and reaches a wider audience. I recommend using an anonymous platform such as for participation from people as it is quick and easy to use and have an anonymous feature on the ‘asks’ that people submit. This may allow more submissions! You don’t exactly have to publish peoples submissions with your reply as intended from the platform but rather as a submission service. Great work!


  3. First post i’ve seen that the topic is linked to the digital artefact! I can see that you’ve thoroughly investigated this topic after reading your post. However it is pretty lengthy, maybe nextime narrow your focus of the topic.


  4. Nice article. I believe open platforms will work best, primarily because of its ease of access and sense of freedom. Closed platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are somewhat restrictive and that doesn’t allow for as much creativity as you would find on Reddit.


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