Just Admit to it already!

With the rise in popularity towards the various emerging and existing social media platforms more and more people are turning to online “media” in order to find out what is happening in the world. And it is courtesy  of these new media platforms a new valuable source of information has emerged as information is being produced, collaborated and published as it is happening all over the world and not hours/days or even weeks later. Not only that, everyday people are becoming journalists, they are no longer just the audience. Even legacy media formats such as TV new broadcasting, Radio and Newspapers have turned to online social media as a way to gather information. The major downside of this, however, is that due to an often lack of real research and care that goes into posting information up online, and the fact that many people chose not to do their own fact checks, it is exceptionally easy for misinformation to spread, and spread fast. Like in the case of Sunil Tripathi, who was wrongly accused of being part of the boston bombings in 2013 after his disappearance. When pictures were release of the two suspects linked to the bombings, one of the men pictures was wrongly identified as being Tripathi and a online media frenzy erupted leaving his family even more devastated as they searched for him. Fortunately, while the outcome of Tripathi’s disappearance and discovery was still very tragic, his name was eventually cleared and the page that started the online rumour deleted.

uwJ3uCPWThe page my group and I have created, Admit 2 It, is a place where people can freely and anonymously go to free themselves of these hidden secrets so that they can maybe look back on what has happened or what they do and have a good old laugh. Free themselves of the burdens of those secrets and let them go! There is also a Subreddit page, Twitter account and Tumblr. By using these multiple platforms my group hopes that we will be able to generate lots of content in order for there to be a steady flow of stories. It is almost like our own little newspaper/magazine, but the article are “written” by everyone and anyone, being published almost instantly for the entertainment of all. Unlike a regular magazine or newspaper with a single writer collecting the stories, editing them for publication. The people are the journalists, the stories are their own and while we are moderating the page, we do not edit these stories or fact check them to make sure people are honestly telling us something that has happened.


4 thoughts on “Just Admit to it already!

  1. It was really great that you could relate this week’s topic back to your project for the subject so well done! Adding links to all your pages was a really good idea too to promote the project. I just noticed a few minor spelling errors in your text (‘Tublr’ instead of ‘Tumblr’; ‘curtsy’ instead of ‘courtesy’) but the rest was great. I hope to relate my posts more to my project when I start building our site and social media presence like this. Great job!


  2. Misinformation can always spread whether it is digital or via other means. Blaming digital media is a pretty harsh call. However, I do understand your point of view. Excellent article, anyhow.


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