It’s off to work we go….

With such a variety and increased speed in the way we can communicate these days the average 9-5 job is now almost something of a rarity. With constant access to the Internet the labour force is almost permanently tethered to their jobs every hour of the day, seven days a week. When on the train home from the office or while fixing up dinner for the kids people can still quickly check their emails on their smartphones or now that the vast majority of people own at least one computer people can finish off work assignments at home.

“The trademark accessories of white collar work—the desktop, the file and the phone—are now easily available on mobile devices that are celebrated for bringing the office wherever one may go” (Greg, M, p. 4)

Indeed more people are even choosing to freelance in order to allow for more flexibility with their work days in order to accommodate a better work to life balance. Some companies even preferring to hire freelancers in the hope that new faces means fresh new ideas. For other businesses the concept of allowing employees to work from home means less overheads as they no longer need to rent offices for people to work in. So while the idea of bringing work with you wherever you go isn’t always going to be the nicest idea, to some degree it is this flexibility in the workforce that has also allowed for a more flexible working day (or night if that is what you prefer) which can ultimately mean happier employees and a more productive workforce. Or at least that is the theory. However I don’t think it’s all that bad to work in an office, specially if you happen to work for a mattress factory like these workers 


9 thoughts on “It’s off to work we go….

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed this blog post and how you inncorporated the everyday activity of having a job with the use of technology and how it has the possibility of interrupting daily tasks. It’s quite weird to think about how much we do use technology and in particular social media – a sign of how powerful the Internet is as a network. The idea of working from home is definitely becoming more common in today’s society and I personally don’t see a problem with it. Also, that video at the end is hilarious thankyou for sharing!


  2. Hi ho, hi ho! I’ve sort of gone on a tangent looking at resources for people working from home. I personally think it can make things a bit confusing by *polluting* your home life with work. I’d rather go into an office and do my work and head home and not have reminders everywhere. Anyway, there’s a huge amount of resources for people trying to stay disciplined while working from home!
    It’s obviously a hot topic since it’s such a desirable working condition.


  3. Whilst the nature of labour is changing dramatically and individuals start to bring their work home with them, I think that it is more dependent on the person as to whether they let it consume their lives completely. I personally would love to work from home, I am more comfortable in my home environment and feel more productive, but I also have never had an office job and would not want to miss the experience. I shared an article on twitter just earlier about how workplaces are trying to make the office more homely, ( which is quite interesting. Even just the layout of the office space has changed so much in some industries, people seem to be more concerned about comfort than work ethics. This is a great post, nice and concise, and I like the tone you are writing in, it is very easy to read and comprehend. I love the Snow White reference also! Well done.


  4. Loved the video! It was interesting to read more about the benefits of working from home from a business perspective, the idea of not needing to pay for office space never even occurred to me. Maybe offices will no longer exist at all? It might leave more room for housing instead! Just a couple of thoughts, fully referencing the article might be helpful as well as referencing where you got the information about the increase in freelance workers, and adding a personal touch to the image from Snow White like a caption might make it more meme-like. Good job!


  5. Hi,
    Great post, a short but insightful read.
    I can’t help but wonder, if all us media and communications graduates will all end up working in freelance positions…it is certainly looking that way.
    I guess the question is now, how can we escape labour as a standing reserve? Now that we know we are dealing with presence bleed (not being in one place anymore) we must either use it to our advantage or create ways to manage it. Checkout this website of the top 20 most popular jobs in 2030:


  6. Great post, short but very insightful with all main points clearly identified. I totally agree with the idea that we are faced with more flexibility and options due to technology and the internet that impacts employees and the workforce. This definitely allows those with difficult lifestyles to work from home that overall improves living and enables balance. The video linked at the end was hilarious! You could add further extensive links however, that could further explain your concepts you pointed out, just to clarify and provide details. A very light, easy and enjoyable read! Look forward to reading more of your posts!


  7. Great post Pinky!

    Freelancing and working from home is becoming more common in todays society, and as we talked about in class today we may have to create jobs for ourselves, and the internet gives us that opportunity which other generations never had! It makes me think of another blog post I read about Digital Nomads, which you might find interesting too.

    Technology gives us so many options, and it definitely makes us more available to our employers and our social groups. I can see many positives and negatives that arise from this as you had noted as well. Mainly I think the downfall is when people can’t draw that line between real-time and being in the moment because they are awaiting that text or notification from somebody and in the case of working from home, personal experience (my dad works from home) has showed me how beneficial it can be especially when I was growing up, having him available to me while he was simultaneously woking was great, though at times of stress and tension, the household felt that shift in energy, that otherwise would have been left at the workplace.

    Great post

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  8. Some great points. I definitely agree that the work-from-home concept does create a lot of opportunities for flexibility and a stronger work-life balance.
    However, in saying that, I can’t help but think of potential negative implications of working from home. As you say, employees are now able to access work from home – which in some ways might be great, but in other ways, this could mean that they are unable to “switch off” which could increased stress and inability to separate work life from home life. Furthermore, this idea that employees are available anywhere and at any time could mean more pressure from the higher-ups to always be “on” and available to work. I do also see potential financial and legal issues with work from home.
    I’m not saying we shouldn’t have it at all. I do think it definitely works for some people. However I don’t think we will see this becoming the rule rather than the exception. The office will always have it’s place, I think it’s more a matter of the “traditional” 9-5 work hours changing.


  9. Really good blog. I enjoyed watching the video shared. The blog is clear and simple, and easier to understand. Indeed working in freelance will benefit both employees and employers. There are higher chances for employers to get workers with new ideas, high potential and interest unlike how some workers who works in offices. But i think it could also risk the employer when identifying whether the worker and the knowledge information shared could be trusted.


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