The importance of networking for todays business

Manuel Castells stated that “networked organisations outcompete all other forms of organisation, particularly the vertical, rigid, command-and-control bureaucracies…. Companies that do not or cannot follow this logic are outperformed and ultimately phased out by leaner, more flexible competitors.” (2004, p. 222)  a company that cannot control what is happening on their own network risks the success of their business. Indeed in this interview with Heath Snoek from Turbosoft Networks I asked that he explain how and why networks within a company are so important. Finding out and eradicating the cause of potential issues and streamlining communication within the network is certainly something every business or potential business owner needs to explore.


Castells, M 2004 ‘Afterword: why networks matter’, In Network Logic: Who governs in an interconnected world? , pp. 221-224


6 thoughts on “The importance of networking for todays business

  1. Hi Pink Protagonist! Great interview with Heath!
    I didn’t know it was possible to monitor a network to see if people were taking advantage of it.
    The information about companies needing to monitor their networks was interesting too. The bit about controlling your networks traffic to optimise speed and ensuring Skype calls aren’t delayed was really good.
    Thank you for the post and I hope you are feeling better. 🙂


    • Thank you very much. It is interesting how important it is to know what is happening on our networks, even if it’s just personal use. And thank you, I’m honestly hoping that this bug or whatever it is goes away soon.


  2. Hi Pink Protagonist!

    Your blog for this week was constructed very cleverly – I would not have thought to interview someone with such a hands on experience with networks. Heath had an extensive knowledge, which was interesting and refreshing. I personally can relate to the Skype issue he discusses earlier on as my father lives in America. Sometimes the connection is incredibly slow or just down right shocking. It was interesting to hear Heath discuss network traffic and how controlling your traffic can increase speed and decrease delays with Skype calls.

    I completely agree with Heath’s comment about the need for fast broadband in order to communicate with other employees. If this was not possible then companies would not flourish and would essentially fall apart. As Heath states, many households have several different devices. I for one can admit to blaming my brother for being on his computer and thinking that he was the reason my internet was slow. Computer networks really are everything, as they have completely revolutionised the communication world allowing us to stay connected with family and friends around the world.

    Thank you for your post, I found it very interesting and worth listening/reading!

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  3. Your post this week was really interesting. It is amazing how much we rely on these networks. Like Heath said, the basis of all communication these days is computer networks. This is kind of hard to wrap my head around it sometimes, considering we are so reliant of these systems. It’s crazy but very true.

    I love the idea of doing an interview as a digital artifact too. It was really well done and added a lot of value to your post.


  4. Great interview!

    I agree that everything is underpinned by computer networks.
    These networks can be simple or complex, but none the less predominant in our everyday life.

    It is hard to find people who aren’t connected to a network of some kind.

    When Heath talks about the illegal data and hackers, it easy to see where we can oversee what is going on in our networks, and how we need a handle on network control. Voice over IP is something I have never heard of until hearing this interview, so that was exciting to learn.

    Heath gets quite technical in the interview, though explains it well enough that I got a grasp of what he was talking about though I did look up Voice over IP and can now explain it in my own words…yay learning…VoIP is transferring voice packets over the internet to the other end and translated into voice. A telephone network over the internet and It is good for cost efficiency for consumers and its all done through the internet connection.

    Thanks for a great post, I have learnt something new!


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