The world of gaming, how far it has come

magnavox odyssey

When you consider the evolution of technology we have come a long way in how we seek entertainment. Felix Standler expressed how “Social networks … extend beyond a relatively small scale and are capable of structuring major collective, or better, connective undertakings” (2005,  p 8) and with the first successful introduction of online gaming on a console arriving in 2002 with Xbox Live we can now gather teammates from around the world to play war games like Call of Duty or HALO, which is ironic when you consider that the Internet was created originally as a way of communicating in the event of a nuclear war back in the 60’s.Also with add-ons like headsets gamers can verbally communicate with each other as they play without ever having to leave their home. Consoles have evolved dramatically since the original “Brown Box” made 1966 by Ralph H. Baer, later being licensed in 1971 by Magnavox and renamed Magnavox Odyssey. And with the introduction of internet connectivity the humble console opened up the world to gamers who could now play against someone from across the ocean. This also meant new ways we could buy the games we played. No longer limited to buying our games in store, you can simply log into your online account and buy the game, and download directly to the console. Better still is that patches for the games that were once only something you could get if the game was on a PC you can now download as well meaning you no longer have to deal with game glitches. Companies could pre-release game teasers so that fans could get a small glimpse of the game before the full version came out. Small gaming companies are now able to enter the market with less overheads since they could simply offer the games to people online reducing the cost of producing physical copies of these games. My hope is one day to see games that come out like Sword Art Online (though hopefully far less deadly) will become a thing of reality, something tells me it is something that will be a reality very soon.


6 thoughts on “The world of gaming, how far it has come

  1. I love that you compared how the internet was first used as military communication and is now being used to play war games online. A very fascinating fact that is quite ironic and puts the internet into perspective.

    However, with the meme, I suggest thinking more deeply and taking time into creating a very effective meme. Memes are hard, and I think can be underrated. Consider that memes are almost like cultural statements. I think that maybe looking into memes a little bit and getting a further understanding on the cultural impact will help in creating a meaningful meme. Do not confuse memes with image macros (an image with a catchphrase in writing on the picture). Memes are more powerful, they are a phenomenon.

    Other than this, your content was fascinating, I enjoyed it :).


  2. Good to see I’m not the only one who thought of videogames – that was a really interesting run-down of how the internet has changed gaming, I have noticed how fewer multiplayer games seem to have a mode to play on a split-screen format but rather allow for online connectivity.

    In regards to your ‘Sword Art Online’ comment, have you heard of ‘Oculus Rift’ virtual reality software which is supposed to be out in 2016? I haven’t really been following its development but it might be something to look into.

    As an aside, might I suggest adding your references to the bottom of your posts? For example the Felix Standler quote has no link or name of the source.

    Great post!


    • Thanks. Yeah I’ve heard of the Oculus Rift, can’t wait to get my own. I think the Sword art version is more something that allows you to be motionless though (not that,that is a good thing). Thanks for the heads up on the referencing, I have a tendency to forget sometimes. Will make sure I put them up soon


  3. This was a really interesting post. The idea that the Internet is now ironically a vehicle for popular war themed video games is fascinating, particularly considering the original purpose of the invention on the Internet. I never considered this connection. I agree that production of games like ‘Sword Art’ does seem like a possible reality rather than just a science fiction fantasy.


  4. Loving the gamer angle that you took to this weeks content, its amazing that the things that this level of hyper connectivity has created, I know that I play Destiny with my friends that I met in Australia but are from the UK, its a very similar experience to having them there with me. However I am saddened to find out that Halo 5 will be dropping the split screen campaign mode, and making most of its game play primarily online (which isn’t a bad thing, but interesting). Article here: In the era where multiplayer is so important in gaming, removing that is a strange move. Do you think that in the future the internet and gaming systems will be so advanced that we will never want to play co-op in person with our friends again. For me I still like the physical aspect of gaming with friends, but who knows what the future will bring.


  5. Although I’m not a big gamer myself, I have seen the gaming world transform dramatically with the release of online purchasing and new international communication (in the form of headsets-which you touched on). These new innovations when linked with the internet have created an advanced personal experience for ‘gamers’, where they have greater access to platforms and can challenge/connect with individuals from across the globe. One big thing for me, was the introduction of “pre-ordering” your game before it was even released, allowing gamers to gain exclusive access.

    In the lecture, Ted spoke about the telegraph becoming a new media paradigm, which revolutionized the way in which we saw ‘reality’. Do you think this could also be linked to the online ‘Gaming’ industry? Where games have become so technologically advanced in terms of challenges, real life events and communication that serious gamers choose to be more heavily involved in the gaming world than real life?

    Your blog and knowledge on the transformation of this industry throughout the new digital era is shown through your wide range of examples…which allows non-gamers like myself to understand!
    Great Blog x


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