Just ask my 4 year old

I have chosen to interview my 4 year old son on what he thinks a journalist is and who he thinks reads the news. Not because it is particularly “news worthy” but because it illustrates how in this age of new emerging social media platforms I am able to upload anything I want up onto YouTube and it can reach a global audience. It might even start to trend enough that it suddenly become news “Mum interviews her son” why not? If Twitter, Reddit and even many legacy media platforms (newspapers, magazines, TV and radio) can become transfixed by a black and blue/gold and white dress, why can’t the interview with my child be worthy of the news one day too?

Like with my little interview, citizens have become the journalists. News channels ask for people to send in their own photos or footage of natural and man made disasters as it has a more personal angle since the person often filming the content is actually directly affected by what is happening,this is known as participatory culture where people are active participants in the news (citizen journalism). This content can be considered more tangible since it comes right from the source as it is happening rather than after it has occurred and is a personalized experience for consumers. Also, with the creation of websites such as Storify anyone and everyone is able to upload their images, videos and text to the page so that they can collaborate with other user on any given topic, collective intelligence instead of one person doing all the research and writing the story, everyone comes together to build on what is already there. “Together, we are building a new information network that will give you the social perspective on any event.” (about us page, storify.com)

(edited according to suggestions made in comments)


9 thoughts on “Just ask my 4 year old

  1. Great post! Interviewing your adorable son was not only creative, but also raised a very good point. I love that you expressed your opinion, elaborated on the topic and also used a relevant example of a black and blue/gold and white dress. You show in a simple way that we can consider each one of us a citizen journalist. I believe there is a really thin line between professional and citizen journalism these days and this is why legacy media is no longer the only credible source of information.
    For the future, it would’ve been awesome if you linked those two arts of your blog post. It looks like two separate text arguments.

    Good job! Keep it up! 🙂

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  2. Really enjoyed watching this video! You made a great connection between someone so close to you (your son) and citizen journalism, whilst also making it very interesting and entertaining to watch! You make some good points about anyone anywhere being news worthy!

    If i could make any suggestion it would be to just use one font (not sure if that was just an accident!) and also possibly add some more sites for people to do some further reading on what you are saying. You could also maybe introduce a little bit more what citizen journalism is…http://journalism.about.com/od/citizenjournalism/a/whatiscitizen.htm i found this easy to read site that could maybe be helpful!

    Really great post though, keep up the good work! 🙂

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  3. this is adorable! haha so creative that you thought of this. i love hearing children’s perspectives on ‘adult’ things haha! you should defiantly do more of these videos for the remaining weeks of bcm112 🙂

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