Kill, kill, kill those Zombies!

As you can see in this YouTube video Dru Korab has mashed up a few of the zombie kill scenes from seasons 1,2 and 3 of the walking dead and synced it with On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314″ by London Philharmonic Orchestra. This juxtaposition of images adds a very comic value to what you are actually viewing, very graphic kills of rotting people. Today thanks to remix culture, anyone can take images and clips from their favourite TV shows or Movies, rip them apart, mix them up and add their own personal touch. They can either chose to create new content that continues the story, create a parody of the original content, or are simply review the content. There is really no limit to what can be done the only issue that can cause a problem is the possibility of your content being removed for copyright infringements. But really, it’s only just a bit of fun, how much harm can it really do to the original content? Specially when you add Zombies that can dance, popular songs and bored gang members. A similar idea can be seen on the website Adbusters. On this website a group of artists have collaborated their ideas and artistic skills to create a variety of spoof adds that are a pis-take of existing commercials to represent issues within society. All of the examples I have shown here have taken existing content and created something completely new, the videos created in the name of good old fun, and the adds, while they do use humour, are more in the name of politics and consumerism.


10 thoughts on “Kill, kill, kill those Zombies!

  1. Ah this is so funny. It’s quite humouring in the first clip of the interpretation between high and low culture from the symphony music to the pop culture show of the Walking Dead. The ideas between the two being composed together adds such humour to the situation which as you said is graphic killing of rotting people.
    Also on the note of copyright as you mentioned, did you know that The Walking Dead is one of the most pirated shows in Australia. It kinda just goes to show that Australia doesn’t really have a greater access to networks like it probably should!
    If you’d like to read up some more about Remix culture and copyright laws you should check out this blog post written back in 2011 but is still really relevant!

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    • Thank you 🙂 I quite enjoy the walking dead and so while I’m waiting on the next season I get my fix by going to YouTube to see what fun ways people have interpreted the show. I’m not surprised how popular the walking dead is to download, I guess it’s about the same with the Game of Thrones. The more popular the TV series the more likely people are going to want to pirate the content


  2. Although very disturbing, your example of The Walking Dead remix is a very good one, that summarises the points from our topic this week. It definitely is comic and graphic at the same time, so I immediately received mixed feelings about it. But I really did enjoy it.

    It’s amazing to see how popular remixing and making parodies has become, and to what extent people can do such things. After a coupe of minutes of browsing, I have discovered that YouTube and other Internet sites are completely filled with countless amounts of such videos, and I doubt I could ever run out of entertainment.

    Thanks for such an interesting read (and watch)!

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    • It took me a while to get into this type of show. I’ve actually always been scared of zombies. Probably because whatever causes it can spread so fast and so easily! But I’ve taken to the walking dead and enjoy watching parodies because it seems to take the edge off a little and makes me a little less scared!!!

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  3. Firstly, I loved your take on how remixes can be created into parodies and change the meaning of the original content, which still leaves us laughing at the imagery of The Walking Dead! I also really like your notion that remixing is designed for BOTH an amateur and experienced audience. You made your point easy to understand and explained that what we can do by adding our own value is limitless.

    Your concept of copyright infringements being the only downside could be clarified in a bit more detail. I understand your idea of it being ‘just a bit of fun’ and in accordance with this, under the provision of a fair dealing, remixes are an exception for the purposes of parody or satire. The problem lies within the extent to which remixes may amount to parody or satire and who classifies this justification. The following article highlights the disadvantages of remix culture:

    You taught me a lot about the rise of satire and accessibility to a new way of thinking 🙂


  4. Isn’t it interesting to think that quite possibly anything can be remixed?
    First of all, your example of The Walking Dead is amazing, not just because I’m an avid fan, but also because it highlights quite explicitly how anything and/or anyone can remediate a particular media form. As you said in the post, the visual aspects of the clip are of the character killing shambling corpses which would be considered quite disturbing and confronting to most audience members. However, with the addition of the music which now sets a completely new tone to the clip it is apparent that ther has been a vast change from the original design and purpose.
    However, that brings me to a dilemma.
    If anyone is now able to remediate media forms, where does copyright and ownership come into play?
    Surely small changes from the original form can be seen as harmless and even trivial to engage with.
    Take a look at this article!
    It really helped me understand remix culture and copyright as non-binary terms.
    They exist within one another and can both create affordances as well as law suits.
    Great job!


  5. You said even if it seems to be fine to use only short parts of original one, it is still considered to be an infringement of copyright.. is there any way we can use others without invading copyrighters’ rights like creative commons? and how long does it take for copyrighter’s works to be free from copyright in terms of use?


    • Something that is covered under copyright law is generally protected for the life of the person that created it plus another 70 years after they die. If you want to use something that is copyrighted, even just a snippet, then the most basic thing you can do is acknowledge the original owner in some way. Whether it be in the description of the document, citing them, referencing them at the end or in the credits. However you still run the risk of copyright infringement as technically you’ve not asked direct permission from the owner, but it is up to them to decide if they want to pull you up for the breach or not.

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  6. As a fan of the walking dead, (first the comic, then the television series) Tank you for finding these very clever examples of remix. The juxtaposition of the classic music, with the horror of the Walking Dead was humorous and gross in equal measure. Often artist see their creation as ‘babies’ (this song is my baby) and can feel protective of their work begin used in another way- where as some view their creation as taking on a life of their own- once you have produced the work and shown the world, its not really yours anymore. I think Kirkman would laugh and enjoy this remix a great deal.


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