Oh please, will you be my audience?

Prezi Presentation

I have explored three very different YouTube channels and discussed how they encourage their varying audiences to participate in what they have produced. Are their audiences active or passive? If they only chose to participate in a lazy manner does this still have an effect on the videos they created, and if so is it positive or negative? I have also asked my viewers to actively participate in this blog.


tvmamamia 2015, Feb 23, accessed 05/04/2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs4GC2WCy3U

TheRadBrad 2015, March 24, accessed 05/04/2015,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCD3hpFfj30&list=PLs1-UdHIwbo4pXwRSZLYTf7bBQWYmCpSF

GourmetPaperMache 2013, Oct 13, accessed 05/04/2015,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSXAgx82EsE


13 thoughts on “Oh please, will you be my audience?

  1. I just want to say that this is definitely the best BCM112 blog post I’ve seen for this week! Your Prezi mind map is captivating and I like the creative approach you’ve taken in expressing this notion of audience participation through the three differing YouTube channels – it frames it all really well and puts it all into perspective when you realise the different objectives of each video and how it all fits under the one topic of active and passive audiences. The only thing I might suggest is maybe adding a link or two in your main blog post (maybe links to the 3 youtube videos you refer to in your Prezi) to give readers an idea of what you’re argument is referring to. Will enjoy reading more of your posts in the upcoming weeks! (:


  2. You’ve analysed the contemporary examples of the modern audience fantastically with the Prezi mind map. I can’t fault anything. You outlined every argument and summed them in a great way for us as the ‘audience’ to understand the content.


  3. This was a really well presented prezi, which covered all possible arguments and demonstrated your creative side to bcm112, something that many bcm112 students should be encouraged to do. What I also like about this prezi is that you have explored this concept through the things that you show an interest in such as video games and art, which allows you to not only have a better understanding of the concept but to also present your ideas through ways in which may help others. Good Job.

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  4. I can’t fault anything. You have analysed the contemporary audience well and your prezi is well presented. You have not only focused on the concepts but also used 3 very different examples which all fits under the one topic of active and passive audiences which is a creative and captive approach. Awesome work!


  5. I love that you addressed the platform of gaming. I hadn’t considered the audience or interactive nature of that until now, you definitely show how diverse audiences are based on the platform with your use of examples. You highlight that trolling can be very serious, I know in my experience online bullying has had some nasty consequences; here’s a study you might want to check out http://www.technobuffalo.com/2013/03/12/how-trolls-and-nasty-comments-affect-people-according-to-study/ . Not to be picky but participation is misspelt in one of the boxes, no big deal though. As for the photo, I’m really interested in what the answer is, I think Ted is one of them?


    • Thank you. And I’ll go back and change the typo, thank you for pointing it out! It’s sometimes easy to miss something so simple when you’re constantly looking at it. Thank for the link as well, online bullying is very serious and something I wish was addressed more often. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience with it.


  6. Fantastic mind map! It’s wonderfully structured and easy to follow! I also really enjoy the examples that you used, presenting the idea of the audience within gaming, art and comedy- this definitely enhanced my understanding of your post. I like that you posed a question to US as an audience! Very clever indeed! Are you maybe a little bit Rapunzel-esque with that green lizard on your shoulder?
    Insightful post, i’m glad i just discovered your blog!


    • lol thanks, no I’m afraid it’s not Repunzel, though good try 🙂 I had not even thought of her to be honest when I took the photo. The three YouTube channels are ones I have followed for a while so knew exactly what to talk about as soon as this topic came up.

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