The battle of the phones

Let me try and explain my Meme a little here, consider Apple vs Androids as if it was Battle of Thermopylae :

Apple are the Spartans:

  • Apple have a very strict set of guidelines that app designers need to adhere to before being approved (if at all) for sale on iTunes.
  • Gives them the ability to streamline exactly what they do and do not wish to associate with in regards to what is sold on their site.
  • There are apple compatible products out on the market these days, originally the vast majority of apple products required you to buy apple branded accessories, and if you wish to stay within warranty you must use apple approved repair shops.
  • Apple also only allow apple employees to fiddle with apple software and hardware, and like I mentioned before, failure to do so can void your warranty even if it is to repair a cracked screen.
  • Are quite aggressive in their approach to trying to eliminate their competitors in the beginning

Consider the Spartans:

  • Each baby is inspected at birth for qualities that are approved of, and any child that does not meet these standards are tossed over a cliff
  • These babies ,once children, are sent off into the world to battle one another so that only the fittest and strongest children are left while the others perish through a sort of natural selection process.
  • They are then trained in battle from then on so that they are, essentially, the very best at what they do.
  • The Spartans hope that by having the perfect warriors they can take on any enemy that has the audacity to take them on.
  • Will eliminate all enemies at all costs without a second thought

Watch this if you want more information

Now consider Androids are the Persians.

  • Android products allow you full unlimited access to their software.
  • You can create an app and sell it and you don’t have to meet any guidelines at all.
  • Android products allow the end users to create or re-create their software as much or as little as they want to.
  • The hope is that the more people involved in the process, the better the outcome and faster the evolution of the software.
  • You could consider the whole process to be rather chaotic as there is no filter or streamlining of software/apps that can be downloaded to the phones, however with more accessibility you are not limited to android only products, or even limited to software that is already on the market as you can create your own depending on your needs.

So consider the Persians,

  • a army made up of a mishmash of anyone willing to take up arms against the Spartans.
  • This included a man who was deformed at birth and rejected by the Spartans themselves when he attempted to join their ranks explaining that his mental abilities made up for his lack of physical mobility.
  • Eventually the Persians overwhelmed the Spartans and outsmarted them thanks to the deformed man by using numbers and brains instead of sheer strength and physical abilities, even though the original tactics of the Spartans was working.

If you look at how many androids are being sold these days compared to the Apple you can see that now the androids popularity and sale rate has overthrown that of the apple. In the end it is the “chaotic” methods of the androids and the open accessibility of these products that their popularity sky rocket as people are not limited by a single brand. This does not mean apple is bad, it has it’s place, and if you are anything like me the very fact that it is very streamlined and user friendly means that for me it is very easy to understand. I also know that anything I download onto my phone has been checked and I am not going to accidently download spyware that will hack my bank account or email address.

So in the end it does not matter which you prefer, it is up to the end user and what their needs and desires are. Which do you prefer? And why?



10 thoughts on “The battle of the phones

  1. I saw Battle of Thermopylae and I was sold. Great analogy you used! It actually really helped me to distinguish them in my mind! Noticed a few typos here and there, but other than that a very enlightening and informative blog post! #THIS.IS.APPPPLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Even I am proud of Samsung, and using a Samsung Android phone; I cannot deny that Apple App Store provides highly-qualified applications! This is a very informative article that compares between iOS and Android.


  3. I love how you wrote (Comparing Android and Apple to Persia haha) and the picture is very interesting 🙂 Actually i am a great supporter of Samsung since it is my country’s transnational company, but what you wrote about Apple makes me feel more attracted to Apple :0


  4. I am so surprised that you use the Battle of Thermopylae to bring out the battle between Apple and Android. And it is extremely WONDERFUL!!! For me, I prefer the Persians’ style. It is because more attempt is needed for the best experience. I would appreciate a better apps after experienced different quality of apps. It also allows a closer way for us to approach our phone. Anyway, thanks for this really amazing blog post!

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