Is the ‘the medium the message’?

A once simple YouTube video of a really irritating orange with the face of a human originally was not particularly popular. However, after a bit of time the concept seemed to take off and with more and more views its popularity grew until it suddenly had it’s own TV show, computer games, even a range of stuffed toys that you could purchase. Virtually anything these days become a world wide sensation despite humble beginnings, in this case a 2009 MTV production assistant called Dane Boedigheimer in America. Even Llamas in party hats now has it’s own app! Neither of the people who produced these videos needed to use fancy cameras or editing programs. In fact, they didn’t even need great artistic skills and now look at them. Doesn’t mean it is a good thing, remember Bieber? Yeah, don’t need to say much there.

The average Joe can now take a popularized song and give it their own personal spin becoming the ‘Weird Al” Yankovic of Youtube. Just look at the views Benji and Jenna Cowart have had for their interpretation of Rude by Magic called ‘The dads side story’.

The medium platform today means that our messages are reaching a much larger and more dynamic audience. If you consider McLuhan definition of a medium which is “any extension of ourselves.” then the medium is us and the message is what we want to say. The medium of the YouTube video by Benji and Jenna has spread the message of the fathers viewpoint about this man coming to their home out of the blue asking for their daughters hand in marriage.

The merging of technologies is both a fascinating and terrifying thing to watch unfold. Information travels faster than it ever did in the past as it is no longer within the limitations of free to air TV broadcasting, Newspapers or the Radio. You can tweet about the car accident you were just in,and take a selfie of yourself before the paramedics are even aware you’re in any danger. The world is getting smaller and smaller, more control is being given to the average person, while at the same time companies are doing all they can to stay at the top of the food chain.

Grumpy cat (someones pet) now has his own website, facebook page and twitter accounts. Children as young as 6 months of age are given toys that can be logged into a website, “teach” their cute little puppies to say their name, play their favorite songs and personalize their learning experiences by using colours, shapes and sounds that they enjoy through ‘The my Pal Scout’. No longer do you just go to McDonalds to buy your happy meal, you can look up the app make orders ahead of time, your kids can use the Emlings app abd can “find” new creatures every time they buy a happy meal.The list of technologies and medium forms that have now melded goes on.

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One thought on “Is the ‘the medium the message’?

  1. I am surprised, and also agree that Twitter is changing the world, and I cannot deny that this is really happening! Besides, Twitter helped depose dictators, and also bring about democracy in Arab countries as well as tweeting about a car accident and taking a selfie. I feel that SNS is becoming an important medium, and is becoming more important than such mass media. Anyway, I laughed at the Grumpy cat’s website, such a cute cat! I also found this: Anyway, I really surprised after realizing that a cat also can become a medium, WOW 😀


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