About me

I am currently a student of University of Wollongong studying a double degree, a Bachelor of communication and media studies and a Bachelor of Creative Arts. I’m a “mature” aged student and have previously studied Design and Technology at University of Western Sydney (2005-2007) and a Diploma in Graphic Design at a private college formally known as KVB Institute of Technology but is now known as Raffles College of design and Commerce (2003-2004). I have always had a passion for art and design, these were always my favorite subjects at school and it is something that I am still in love with today. I’m also extremely opinionated, though I strive as much as I can to educate myself on a topic before forming my views and I’m always happy to learn new things that could change how I feel on any topic.

I am also a single mother of two gorgeous children and it is because of them I chose to go back to study. I wanted to teach them that you are never to old to follow a dream and to start your life again from scratch. There is no shame in it, making mistakes is part of life. It is what you do with those mistakes that matters.

I have also just started a new blog ‘The Pink Protagonist Writes’. It is a work in progress. On this page I intend to post short stories and review posts. Please pop on over, follow, and enjoy.   thepinkprotagonistwrites.wordpress.com


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